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Links for Alaska Bookkeepers

Alaska Forms

Alaska New Hire Reporting Form - (fill in version)

Department of Labor Employer Registration Form (pdf fill in form)

Quarterly Contribution Report (pdf fill in form)

Quarterly Contribution Report Page 2 (pdf fill in form)

Quarterly Contribution Report (Excel spreadsheet)

Quarterly Contribution Report Change Notification Sheet (pdf fill in form)

Quarterly Contribution Correction of Wage Items (pdf fill in form)

Quarterly Contribution Report Occupational Coding Manual (pdf)

Quarterly Contribution Report Area Code Map (pdf)

List of Alaska Employment-Related Posters

Links to all Alaska employer forms

Federal Forms

Quarterly 941 Report (fill in pdf)

Correction Form for 941 Reports (fill in pdf)

Form W4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate

Form I9 Employment Eligibility Form

Form W9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

Checklist for Federal Poster Requirements

Salary vs Hourly - Overtime

Alaska Department of Labor Minimum Wage Standards

Definition of administrative, executive and professional employees

Tips Questions

Tip Income Reporting for Employers

Tip Income Reporting for Employees

Employee forms for reporting tips

IRS rules regarding tips

Contract Labor or Employees Questions

Alaska Information Brochure (pdf)

Alaska "Exclusions from the Definition of "Employment"

IRS Independent Contractor of Employee (Web page with links to more info and forms)

Employee vs. Subcontractor Issues (Web page with useful tests)

IRS Frequently Asked Questions (Web page faqs)

Tax Tips

Wells Fargo Tips on Avoiding an Audit

Intuit Support Tips

Payroll Year-End tips

Handy Links

State Abbreviations (Official USPS abbreviations)

Zip Code Lookup (USPS site form)

Telephone Area Code List (List of telephone area codes and time zones)

Toll Free Number Lookup (Lookup of major company and organization numbers)

How to Reach a Human (List of phone numbers and extensions for many businesses)

Calendar for all Years (Choose any past or future year to see the calendar)

Time Zone Converter (Convert time in one zone to another)

World Clock Time Zones (Create a personal world clock displaying cities of interest)

Calculate Duration between two Dates (Web page calculator)

National Atlas of Printable Maps (gif and pdf maps to download)

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