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Account Questions

Here are some fast answers to questions recently asked through the Fathom site.

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Show/Hide AnswerWhat is the other name list for?

An other name could be the owner or Petty Cash if you make checks out for your Petty Cash Account. It is anyone or anything who is not an Employee, Customer or Vendor. The other reason to use Other Name is when you are not sure if the person should be a Customer or Vendor, you can always change other names. You cannot change Customers or Vendors later. You'll find more information here in the section Clean up your vendor, customer and other name lists.

Show/Hide AnswerI don't know if the payee should be a vendor or customer?

You can always change an Other Name to a vendor or customer name. If you are uncertain how to enter a new name, use Other Name Type.
Generally, a vendor is someone you purchase from and a customer is someone you sell to. Another name could be an owner, for example, someone who is neither a vendor or a customer. You'll find more information here in the section Clean up your vendor, customer and other name lists.

Show/Hide AnswerWhat if I have a customer and vendor with the same name?

If the customer and vendor is exactly the same business, then use their business name and append an underscore v (_v) to the vendor name and underscore c (_c) to the customer name.

If they are not the same business, you could add something to the name to distinguish them and also add the _c or _v. For example, instead of Jones Company, you could name them Jones Company on 58th and Jones Company at 9th.

Show/Hide AnswerHow do I change Other Names to Vendors or Customers?

Go to Lists, Other Names List. Choose Activities at the bottom of the window and then select Change Other Name Types.

Show/Hide AnswerHow do I list employees so they sort by last name?

Go to Edit, Preferences and select Payroll and Employees. Click the Company Preferences tab and change Display Employee List by to Last Name.

Show/Hide AnswerHow do I sort customers by last name?

The Customer List can be resorted by right clicking the list and choosing Re-Sort List. If you have entered your customer's name as Last Name, First Name, they will then sort by last name. If you have entered your customers first name first and there are too many to correct, you can make a report that will sort by Last Name. Go to Reports, Lists, Customer Contact List. In the modify report window, add columns to display by clicking First Name and Last Name. Then change the Sort by to Last Name. You can add or delete additional items to the columns to display.

The customers who have their First and Last Names entered in the blanks will display correctly. If no Last Name was entered, you can double click the customer on the report and edit it by filling in the Last Name.

Show/Hide AnswerHow do I sort vendors by last name?

The Vendor List does not allow sorting. The names display in alphabetical order based on how they are entered. See tips on naming vendors here. You can also try various reports that may provide a sorting that fits your needs.


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